Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

Passion rebuilds the world for the youth. It makes all things alive and significant.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

A nation so rich in heritage and so diverse in culture must always embrace its soul; which for India lies in the colors of its youth.

It might have been the exact sentiment that led Maruti Suzuki to initiate a nationwide talent hunt to find the most enigmatic, talented & colorful individual (or a group).
Maruti Suzuki Colors of Youth; an initiative taken in association with Zee Business TV & consulting partner Dun & Bradstreet is a talent hunt show for B school students conducted in B-Schools across the country.

But unlike other B School competitions, the motto is not just to look for the sharpest mind or best analytical skills. The intent is to find a perfect combination of excellent intellect, a vivid personality & outstanding talent (extracurricular).
Someone who could use his extracurricular talent with the same affluence with which he uses his brain, someone who could dance or sing or paint with the same panache with which he answers business trivia.

SIIB got the opportunity to hold the city auditions & also the city finale for Pune city round of MSIL Colors of Youth and as expected the event turned out to be one of the biggest extravaganzas of the year not only for SIIB but quite possibly for all business students across the city.

SIIB campus was jam packed with students from 18 colleges from Pune & many students from symbiosis family, The ambience was eccentric and the occasion was big, there were singers & dancers and there were painters & actors, all waiting for their moment of fame. The task was to perform to one’s best ability & outdo others in one of the four given fields; Dance, Singing, Mimicry (comedy), Painting.
Whatever you chose to do, the bottom line is; it must leave a mark on judges.

The other highlight of the event (besides the performances) was the judges themselves. As the judges for this Event were two highly talented and successful individuals; former Miss World Diana Hayden & the famous rock star Mr Subir Malik (of Parikrama fame).

After a day filled with outstanding performances, judges finalized on 8 performers which will compete the very next day at the same venue for a slot in Zonal finals; moments to cherish for SIIB as 3 out of 8 finalists were from SIIB itself and that too in different forms of art.

City finals was a big occasion, a live audience of around three hundred, exclusive telecast on television, an opportunity to reach zonal finals. The stage was set for the stars to shine and impress.

The day began with performances from each finalist, and as expected the level of competition was even fiercer and passion was unambiguously palpable.

Representatives from Zee business TV; the media partner of the event were busy taking bytes of the participants after the round 1 of performances and so was Radio Mirchi; meanwhile the emcee had engaged the audience in a jig and had them fixed to their seats.

After the performances were done, next level of filtration was a trivia round to test their general and business awareness.

The scores from performances & quiz were to be compiled by the judges & the decision was to be taken.

After an anxious half hour for the participants, decisions were announced by the judges Diana Hayden & Subir malik. The four out of 8 finalists were selected for Zonal finals to happen in February.
A very proud moment for SIIB as two of the four selected were from SIIB; Dance & painting.

The day ended on a high note with Emcee involving audience along with the participants in a jam on stage and rest were dancing to the tunes wherever they could find space in the auditorium.

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