Monday, October 15, 2012


We, the waked team had decided to teach students Basic Computer and English as per their syllabus. Learning without understanding practicality is of no use. We decided to teach them computer theory and simultaneously conduct practicals at their Computer Lab.
On our First visit to their computer Lab, we found the computers in dismal condition. Most of them were either not starting or had their connections loose or the hardware was not properly connected. One of the computers which eventually started did not have a functional keyboard. So we decided to repair and set the computer lab on the spot. The team was able to bring   4 out of 6 computers in working condition. Now the computers are useful for all the classes in practical education.
In our First computer Session, we decided to start from the scratch. In our first Interaction with class, we assessed their knowledge of the computer and its various components. Within few minutes of our interaction we came to know that our section 9 –B had very little knowledge about the Computer and its various features. They knew that Computer is very important for them and for their growth, but did not know what they should know about the computer. They were not familiar with the words like software and hardware.
 We decided to teach them from the basic. We started the session with introducing them Hardware and Software terminology. We taught them about what Hardware is and why it is called hardware. We draw a System Diagram to explain, Input devices and Output devices. What are their functioning and how to use them? How hardware is different from software. What are the Importance of both and how each of them Complement each other? We got them acquainted with some common software which is used in Day to Day life.
 After acquainting them with various components of Computer, we taught the class about the History of Computer. We started by telling them about early computing devices. Then we moved on to various calculators and First generation of computer. We taught them about various developments in this field and how this development has affected the Computer. How the size of Computer has shrunk and how its speed has increased tremendously. After this we moved on to Laptops and Various Tablets and what are the latest devices which are coming.
 In this whole interaction, we never knew where the time flew. We decided to end our session by having a query session about all the things which were explained. We also asked few question to know whether they have understood what has been taught. We ended our session by asking them to read about the internet and e-mails which will be conducted in the next session.
 Our first Interaction with the students was pleasant. They were enthusiastic and eager to learn. Yes there were certain naughty students, but what Fun will be there without them. We all left the Wakad School with smile on our faces and some good memories to cherish.

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