Friday, October 2, 2009

The Mahatma and the ad-man

While many debate the relevance of Gandhian thought in contemporary times ,we shift our attention to the ads Gandhiji features in.The recent controversy featuring Mont Blanc pen ad featuring the Dandi March(nib shown above) made one remember the Rotomac ad done sometime back.

The copyright to all of Mahatma Gandhi's writings is with the Navjeevan Trust, which was established by Bapuji himself. His inheritance went to the Trust.Film footage of Gandhiji is owned by the Gandhi Film Foundation, the Government of India's Films Division and some international networks. The copyright for photographs is owned by Kanu Gandhi's descendants, the Vithalbhai Jhaveri Trust and others who took the pictures. Prasar Bharati, the Broadcasting Corporation of India, owns the audio tapes of his speeches. ( )

In 2002, Tushar Gandhi , great-grandson of Gandhiji signed an agreement with an American company :CMG Worldwide , with the mandate of marketing the image of Gandhiji.

The wittily done ad for Union Bank of India had the byline as "Joint account" with Kasturba Gandhi on the Rs.100 note.

As one ventured for the first bit of Googling today, one encountered the Google tribute , yes ;indeed one wonders what Gandhiji would have said , had he been around today on the hue and cry raised on ads bearing his image.


Venky said...

WOW!!! Nice post on Gandhi Jayanti..!!
Expecting more writing from you Aby more than pics n stuff !!

In your terms,
"You would rather expect Sachin to bat rather than sing!! "

DestinyFavChild said...

Nicely researched piece!