Sunday, October 11, 2009

SIIB rocks in IIM-A Agri Biz Quiz

Here is somethin to cheer about!!!

SIIB has won the IIM- A Agri Biz Quiz, beating contenders from IIM- A and JBIMS. "Radio Aktive" team from SIIB won the first prize while Nickel team from IIT Madras bagged the second leaving UV-Rays team from IIM-A with the third prize.
Check out the screen shot below. Do check out in in Quizzes section!!

The funny part is, we dont know who Radioaktiv is??

Inviting the winner to occupy the hall of fame.. A grand bash is waiting 4 u!!!

Lets all cheer for this team from Agri Biz. Kudos folks!!

Lets rock folks...


DestinyFavChild said...

Awesome Stuff...who are these champs? said...

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Rohit Majumdar said...

@SIIB Blog - I guess you are not reading your group mails regularly ;)

Well, Thanks for the flattering words. I would urge more SIIBians to participate in various events and get some glory to SIIB!