Sunday, November 22, 2009

26/11: A retrospection

26.11.08 A Wednesday
Terror struck big time, at its PEAK, that too right in the heart of the ‘city of dreams’, Mumbai!! South Mumbai was usually regarded among the sophisticated, quieter and less trouble-some places of the city, compared to the suburbs. With most of the buildings/ infrastructure built by the British, even the 26th July 05’ deluge didn’t create much damage thanks to their highly efficient planning.

However, the three action-packed days put a drastic end to all perceptions / misconceptions, openly proving the fact that every damn portion of the city is vulnerable to terror and nobody is safe. A group of technically sound, anti-socially influenced ‘kids’, loaded with arms walked right into the city under the security’s nose, and each one of us were at their mercy for 60 long hours. Three of our ‘top’ cops lost their lives combating these kids, right on day one, which was another big blow.

While some news channels played their parts well, showcasing minute by minute updates on the issue, others stuck to TRP oriented links even during such critical times. Some went to the extent of spreading rumours and creating panic among viewers.

Politicians played their usual self, with 100% focus on their respective careers, vote banks and mud slinging as expected.
Hats off to the NSG commandos for their valiant & successful effort in putting an end to the dreaded tyranny, which almost seemed like continuing for months together!!

These entire series of incidents threw light on the following:-

1) There are loop-holes in our Indian system, no doubt, but what’s even worse that these limitations are constantly being highlighted to ‘anti social groups’ by ‘fellow Indian traitors’.

2) Whether ‘internal acts of vandalism’ or ‘external terror attacks’, it’s our own people who are directly/indirectly involved.

3) Except the NSG, no other section of the society proved to be well equipped / strong enough to combat any sort of attack whether internal or external.

Dec 03, 2008: Immediate reaction Thousands of people across the nation came out on to the streets with candles, posters, slogans and openly voiced their opinion against the attacks. Most of us, blamed it on the politicians, some condemned the act, while some just silently payed homage to the heros who lost their lives. It was a day when INDIA spoke in one voice !!

Nov 22, 2009: Latest Update
This week, 26.11.09 will mark the first anniversary of India's worst attacks ever. But, has there really been any change ? are some unpleasant aspects which we need to be aware of.

1) The same set of politicians are in power inspite of elections being conducted. Mr. R.R. Patil who had created raves with his media statement " देश में ऐसी चोटी मोटी बातें होती रहती हैं", and was dismissed with immediate effect, is now back in power as the hon'ble Home Minister Of Maharashtra.

2) Amir Kasab Jamal, one of the main terrorists caught alive, is still undergoing trial, which hopefully is nearing its end as per advocate Ujwal Nikam. At the moment, he's enjoying 'biriyani' in prison.
Its strange that it takes almost a year to decide what to do with a person charged with murder of more than 100 lives. On the contrary, it took 10 mins to gun down Rahul Raj, who only tried to threaten but did not actually harm anyone, for the simple reason that he himself was damn scared !!

3) The Economic Times dated 22 Nov 2009 states that "the bullet proof jacket, ATS Chief Hemant Karkare was wearing, as well as its procurement file, is missing !! CM Mr. Ashok Chavan stated last Sunday that he would investigate the reports of substandard bullet proof jackets. As of now, nobody has been taken to task".

This clearly shows that we are still vulnerable to attacks, and need to be careful.

Frankly speaking, we the people of India are collectively responsible for every loophole in the system to some extent, because being in a democracy we ultimately get what we choose, and we deserve what we get !!

Power and responsibility go hand in hand. Power bestowed upon an individual is best, when used as a strong tool to carry off responsibilities with utmost ease and maximum efficiency. Use of power, simply confined to fulfilment of self-interests, is nothing but nuisance value.

To bring about a change / revolution in the current system, one needs to possess immense qualities such as honesty, selflessness, meticulousness, practical approach, far-sight and above all patriotism.

But, on a positive note, I sincerely hope that the anger & pain in our hearts though subsided at the moment, do not die down totally, and someday, somehow, we the people of India shall be able to constructively & fruitfully transform our emotions into skills for the benefit of the nation.

Jai Hind !!

Padmanabh S

Be the change you want to see in this world - --M.K. Gandhi

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