Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thoughts of a cricket lover

Its 2’o clock in the morning. The AMR final report is still only half way through. Birthday Celebrations of a C2Du mate just got over. And its been just one day after the end of semester exams. Something lingering at the back of my mind. Its not about when am gonna finish the report. And not even about the plans for the one last weekend for the next one semester. Yeah, weekends have been officially scrapped for us for the next one semester.

It is the failure of God. He created the whole new world. He created the emotions in people. He united the whole of the community. He has groomed so many of the new entrants to his world.

May be happiness and sorrow are above Him. Else, one cannot overcome so many disappointments. We all know man proposes and God disposes. But what happens when God himself proposes??

Such was the case today. The match was on. India and Australia were fighting for the Top Rank in the ODIs. Indian demi-God was firing all cylinders. The cover drive was as fluent as ever. The leg glance and the paddle sweep were played as if there was no other way it could go.

God comes down the pitch and off goes the ball. Memories go back to the matches when God took two steps in front of Warne and hit him off the ground. Straight on top of the stadium roof. The umpire in the middle asks for a new ball to be taken. Memories linger back to those days when fast bowlers were terrified to bowl short balls against the God. It would for sure land up either in the deep mid wicket stands or it will be a catch offered to a spectator behind the third man rope. All of these came on one day today.

It was more special today as there were not even cramps striking him. Not even after reaching century. How many times in the recent past has God managed that? All were going fine but suddenly out of the blue came the shock.

Sachin dismissed. God becomes mortal again.

My dream of seeing him breach the double century mark still stands a dream. India loses. Cries of “Jeetegaa bhai jeetegaa.. India Jeetegaa..” were all drowned in the TV room. Some of us stayed back for the presentation. Sachin stood there unfazed with pursed lips.

How many times can someone endure the sight of his team losing after a brilliant show personally? Sachin can only answer that. . But in the midst of this, is there some management lesson in the offering.. Learning to be calm and composed even after a stormy emotion filled battle?? A losing battle. I thought cricket’s little master will break down today just as Master FedEx broke down after the loss to Nadal. But No. Not yet!! May be Never!! But let me now get back to some business. My friend thinks I am working on the report work. Let me not fool around anymore.

More about the Sachin miseries:

1) Oz score 284. India needs 254 from 46 overs to win. SRT scores 143 off 131 and gets out in the 43rd over last ball with score at 242. India managed just 8 in the next three overs.

2) Against the arch rivals. Pak scores 329. Sach gets 141 off 135 balls. India goes on to lose the match by 12 runs.

Thanks to Cricinfo, so much of data is available for misery!!

Hari G (09-11)

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