Monday, April 19, 2010

Internship Time

Hey folks,
I am sure most of us must be so relieved after the one month long tiring exams saga. While most of us might have cosily settled into their hometowns, few mus be xplorin new towns where they've landed up for the next interesting phase of MBA life..INTERNSHIP phase. Let us use this forum to share our Internship experiences and other interesting learnings gained during this phase. Looking forward for a meaningful discussion



akanksha said...

hey there. i'll soon be joining siib for international business. and i am seriously confused over the dress code i am supposed to follow. can u tell me what exactly is the dress code for gals? is there a uniform?

Venky said...

hi akanksha..gals have to endure wearing saris for fridays. Remaining days, things are quite chilled out, however, initially most of them stick on formal churidhars n stuff. Gals in my batch wud be able to address this question better than me..

akanksha said...

saris for fridays? awesome. so will it be given by the college or just about anything would do? and thank u so much for the reply.

Venky said...

@akansha, they give the saris..however its mandatory to wear only on special occasions..

Rockarolla said...

uh.. Akanksha.. maadam u hav google groups for your queries.. leave out the blog..

@Venky.. buddy y not post sumthing for the juniors..?