Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stepping Out [ from SIIB ] Stepping in [ new world ]

April 2, 2010 - Stepping Out for the batch of 2008-10.
It's a college "formal" farewell. :)

We didn't realize that it was time. Two years were over. We have learned our share of learning’s and now it was time to make them into use.

Gosh!! Time never stops. It never takes a break. These two years have been enriching in all ways.

The first year was tough. With its fair share of internals,externals,AMR presentations and a whole lot of group studies- it was indeed a time when we worked our a** off.

The second year was a bit more relaxed. With core specialization subjects being flown in people now were split up not into Div A and Div B but Mktg / Fin / SCM / HR .

SIC has always been rocking .Where else you would find a "sweety/rangoli" buzzing with people. Life would have been hell had the “Xerox" shop closed down. From laudries to juice bar to our very own cafeteria - SIC had it all.

The hostels were simply superb. Room cleaning was a regular ritual. And what if anything needed a "repair" the register was at your service and "shoot" it was done.

The view from all around, the three campuses always buzzing with activities. It was all so amazing.

The late night walks around the campus, having coffee , people going to 5th & 6th floor to catch all the unused broadband for downloading , calling up D hostel @ 1 am and telling him an order no less than a birthday party.......I am gonna miss all this :(

We did study. And that too well. Spanish was a clincher and only I know how I managed to clear it in the third semester. We almost did our Ph.D's in Spanish. :P

The faculty, the visiting faculties, the GL’s, the events everything has been so special that you can't picture -this is all over.

People cried, hugged like babies when they were leaving. This is what we call as bonding.And believe me; though we are still doing PG's we still have a child in us.

Well as they say "all good things have to end" - so it be.As all of us embark on a new journey we take these good rememberings with us so that at times we can cherish them.

Also,in life at some point when we meet , it actually brings up a smile on our face.

This is SIIB.This is Symbiosis.

PS-The second semester exams are on for the juniors.And after that they move for summers.So ,the blog would be a little less informed.

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Venky said...

Hey Karan..THanks a tonne..Lovely post..Dont worry.. SIIB blog will be workin on it..will be posting stuff in it..