Monday, August 17, 2009

T-shirt Logo Design ?

The Battery Logo

The Simple Logo

Pour in your comments regarding a possible T-shirt design!


DestinyFavChild said...

My vote for the battery logo...and wenever that tee is out, please let me know...wud love to flaunt one! Cheers!

Class of 07.

Abhijit said...

The battery one is kick ass...

kudos to the designer :)

Varun said...

Are these the final logos that we have or we have the option of coming up with new ones also ?

DestinyFavChild said...

Was doing a bit of R&D with google...this blog does not appear anywhere in the result when I type "SIIB" and hit return... smthing to increase the page rank of this blog...very necessary if you want to grab more eyeballs.

Class of 07

Rome Mele said...

Hi Varun...No this isn't the final one. Anyone can contribute to this logo design for the t-shirt. Its just an initiative that I took. You guys can come ahead with a better logo and I will post the same in the blog. Please do contribute... thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. I'ad updated the metacontents & tags for the blog and this might take few more weeks or maybe a month to get crawled and this blog be listed for the keyword 'siib'. But if you search for the siib blog, then am pretty sure this blog would feature in the first page of google page ranking...and this is something that has been achieved in a month since its launch. I appreciate your feedback...and I hope to hear more from you.
Thanks & Regards
Rome :)


I think the keyword 'SIIB' should be made more prominent in the design,its not conspicuos.

Rome Mele said...

Thanks Neeraj,
Will definitely look for whatever design that comes up.The design posted above isn't the final one...we would request everyone here to post their design( mail me! ) so that we can review the same here in this blog, with everyones feedback.

Varun said...

Is there any theme around which we should work ??
Something strong,,some message which we would like to come across ?
Any specific colour which we have decided so that colour themes may be decided accordingly?