Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sketches and the Picassos of SIIB...

This post was a long due, sorry for having delayed. It's the no-prizes-4-guessing-idea of our Dear Ignisense09 coordinator Mr.Piyuesh Modi, to create an online sketches portal by all the SIIBians.
Mr.Modi, who's been instrumental behind all the works for Ignisense09 preparations is also quite a good sketcher and apart from the creativities and crazy ideas that oozes out from him now-n-forth instantenously ( Courtesy, the creativity classes he is so much obsessed with these days ) :)

So, just a humble beginning. Your feedbacks(suggestions/criticisms) are all welcome...

How will this work?

  • Sketches submitted by all of you would be uploaded in the picasa album created under the head ( find the link for album here --> Sketches by siibians )
  • Selected few of the sketches would be displayed here in the blog...and the rest can be viewed in the album itself.
  • Send your sketches(if interested offcourse) @ -->, or piyeush modi ( ), Venkat Raman(
Hope to see all of your participations...
If you've any suggestions of any other stuffs that can be carried out SIIBblog, please feel free to drop a mail @ or


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Poonam said...

I was not aware that SIIB had so many GREAT Artists.... Keep it up!!!