Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sketching updates!

It's been a wonderful experience to see participations from our own SIIBian sketchers, over the last few weeks. And as usual the delay to post the same in the blog( owing to the reason that doesn't open in D-hostel ) might have kept many a few anxious about if their work would be ever published here. Am terribly sorry for that, and the constant reminder of Piyeush modi has finally made it possible( ya, just met him a minute ago).
Well, to start off with...

by Shipra(batch of 2009-11):

by Prana( batch of 2009-11):
The burning desire

by: Rama ( batch of 2008-10 )

For more amazing works of our own picassos...please visit --> "Sketching by SIIBians"

1 comment:

Venky said...

WOW!! Looks like we have so many talented painters in the campus..why dont we organize some painting exhibition and invite several painters in and around pune..