Saturday, September 19, 2009

Remember why it started?

It is going to be exam season soon , end of Semester I for 09-11 batch ; the glorious crib and cram sessions awaits.A rain check here,remember why it started?

So you are at it again
Wiser neither for the years nor the mandate
And you follow the same old, the same very old ways
Remember why it started ?

You thought you had a chance
And believed an unblemished spirit of enquiry would see you through
A glimmer of a knack and a trick up the sleeve
Remember why it started ?

You couldn't see the thorns in the path
Or hear a word of ridicule from the naysayer
You could see why it was worth it all.
Remember why it started ?

Yet as are with such things
The seed of doubt is given an acre
And the constant rain of not remembering
Of why it started.

Remember why it started ?

The all time favourite inspirational tool-kit :-
1)If(Rudyard Kipling)
2)Chicken Soup for the ___ series (Jack Canfield)
3)The Winston Churchill Battle series : yup, not just the generals , the politician too could pack a punch while rallying a nation or the troops to charge on.So these series of quotes pretty much serve as a reminder that humanity has been through worse than a term paper.

A poet in a MBA grad school, of course ;has a different meaning : the non-traditional students who bring a different perspective to the classroom, usually populated by engineers, bankers or information technology specialists

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