Friday, December 18, 2009

COP-hang-en !!

COP-hang-en….. This is what I interpret from the proceedings at the COP15 at Copenhagen. The tug of war between the ‘Developed nations’ and the ‘Rest of the world’ seems to be worsening day by day.

Will some body tell these guys, it’s not only about the economic activities; it’s about the place we live in, the air we breathe. It’s not about proving their dominance and power but all about the earth, our home. Emissions, Financing, Monitoring and Legal formalities are the main points discussed in the COP.The Developed world is trying to tighten the noose on the developing nations especially the BASIC (Brazil, India, China, and Africa). The central financial body to be created would give least priority to the BASIC. A major thing that limits the acceptance of binding targets is scarcity of funds in these developing economies to facilitate the technological transfer.

These points further strengthen the stand of these developing economies of the World for not accepting the binding targets as well as the peaking year.The total proceedings in the COP have only lead to further confusion and scepticism regarding the post Kyoto scenario of the world.

However, there’s no use, rather no time, to be a pessimist. So, let’s pray…all the bridges are built, gaps are filled, and differences are cleared, in what we call the ‘most important phase of the COP15’.

Hope the DEAL IS SEALED for the good of Mother Earth.

Avinashkumar Rai
MBA (E & E)

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