Monday, December 14, 2009

IT symposium on “Analytics: A strategic business enabler

Analytics: A strategic business enabler

What ? : IT symposium on “Analytics: A strategic business enabler”.

When? : 17th of December 2009, 5-7 PM

Where? : Le Royale, Hinjewadi, Pune

The emergence of the wired world has transformed businesses forever. In this networked world, uncertainty has been the rule of the game in business. Managers, deluged by the vast expanse of information available in this networked world, have looked at solutions which would help them distill such voluminous information and aid in making decisions.

Managers have also begun to utilize the business intelligence systems for timely decision making. Analytics industry has grown to meet these demands effectively. The rising popularity stands testimony to this fact. According to IBM’s CIO Global Study, 83 percent of respondents said business intelligence and analytics are a top priority. The old quote, “You cannot manage what you are not measuring” sounds sagacious even in present times when businesses are becoming more complex every day with global linkages being forged across diverse business functions. Although the recent financial crisis threw in uncomfortable questions to question the raison d’etre of analytics industry, the after math of the crisis brought risk analytics to the fore to help managers mitigate the risks companies would face in challenging times.

Analytics has matured over the years from helping line managers take decisions across functional silos to expanding its dimensions across building strategy for the growth of organization. This would entail a paradigm shift as companies will have to move beyond their process driven analytics frame work to fully realize the power of analytics to convert reams of data into business insights for the future.

All this and more, awaits you at the IT symposium 2009. SIIB invites the best minds to debate, analyze, and share insights on “Analytics: A strategic business enabler”.

To register for the event, call Salar Bijili @ 9766909480 (

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salarsays said...

The much awaited Ignisense '10 pre launch event "Analytics- A strategic business enabler" concluded successfully!. All the participants including the panel, director(SIIB), handful of SIIB alumni, SIIB faculty, and select number of student invitees were benefited through a meaningful, well directed and spirited discussion. It was an honour to have Dr.Prasenjit sen, a seasoned Airline industry professional with 45 years of experience and senior faculty at SCIT as one of our panelists to bring forth an academic perspective to the discussion.

The discussion veered around topics that ranged from misconceptions about analytics, current trends, challenges related to data security and accountability, future potential, applications and career options for students. The perspectives of the views from the panelists varied from Telecom, airlines, risk consulting, analytical tools, productivity management.

Also a pat on the back for the SIIB students who asked intelligent and relevant questions!! Hats off to you guys!!!!!!!! :) :)

I would also commend the work of the team that pulled of this event in a short notice when we seemed to have hit rock bottom just a week ago :) :)...

Overall, this fulfilled our(Team Ignisense '10) desire of having a pre-launch event on a corporate scale (Venue was Le royale) by a student team from a Bschool.

Our sincere thanks to Mr.Anil pillai, CEO, rapideffect for his timely help, support and guidance and Le royale, our venue sponsors.!!

Sense Ignited!!!