Monday, December 7, 2009

South Africa: Aid needed to reach target

South Africa is fine with reducing their carbon emissions if provided necessary financial and technological support.

Just before the opening of the UN climate conference in Copenhagen on Monday, South Africa announced that it is ready to cut the growth of its carbon emissions by 34 % by 2020 and 42 % by 2025, provided if it gets necessary aid from developed countries to achieve its goals.

"This would perhaps enable South Africa’s emissions to peak between 2020 and 2025, plateau for approximately a decade, and later decline in absolute terms thereafter," as per the statment given by South Africa’s presidency & released on the South African Press Association PR wire, Bloomberg.

"This undertaking is conditional on firstly, a fair, ambitious and effective agreement... and secondly, the provision of support from the international community, and in particular finance, technology and support," the South African statement continued, according to BBC News. South Africa generates almost all of its electricity from coal, Bloomberg said.
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Padmanabh Iyer - MBA - E & E (09-11)

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