Friday, July 31, 2009

Aarambh - The beginning

Nisha Solanki, from the batch of 2009-11, shares her Experience in "Aarambh - Inter SIC college cultural extravaganza"

A month before when we joined SIIB, we felt b-school was all about tough competitions, arguments, debates and presentations. The month passed by struggling for market research grades, speculating capital markets surprise tests, understanding eccentric economic fundas, simplifying statistics, greeting each other in Chinese, French, German and Spanish, along with endless discussions, tremendous brain storming and challenge of putting forth winning arguments. For freshers it was all about coping with the intimidating work-ex guys and for the work-ex guys it was time to leave the comfort of the cosy ergonomic chair and get back to the real world.

Then came the responsibility of representing SIIB at Aarambh - the joint cultural fest of SIIB, scmhrd and SCIT - completely written, edited and directed by the students and produced by Symbiosis. It was an opportunity to prove ourselves as enthusiastic, energetic and enigmatic juniors who not only make break through presentations but also give path breaking performances. The rock show, modern dance number, traditional bhangra, skit and fashion show rocked the evening. Slogans of "IB rocks! IB rocks!!" filled the auditorium.

Aarambh introduced us to the best things in a b-school - late night slogging, real life planning, strategising, co-ordinating your own events and highlighting the creative streak in you. Aarambh brought forth the leader, organiser, co-ordinator, motivator and performer in each one of us. Aarambh marked the beginning of a new journey - a journey which promised tonnes of masti and loads of management gyan. Welcome to one of the best b-schools.

Welcome to SIIB!

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