Thursday, July 23, 2009

IGNISENSE'10- 16th , 17th January

Dear Folks,
This is Piyuesh Modi . Kindly post ur suggestions and views on ur own college festival IGNISENSE. It would be of immense help to us.

Team Ignisense.


piyueshmodi said...

hello folks

Many of us don't know ..who coined the name IGNISENSE..........any guess ?????

Have u heard of VARSHA in the Sr finance batch... Contact her to know some of the craziest experience of sponsorship during IGNISENSE.....


Piyuesh Modi said...

Hello Jrs

Unfold the wings of free creativity to come up with some of the craziest and weirdest INFORMAL events during IGNISENSE'10..
We know SIIB Jrs cant do an airshow in the sky but We r sure they can assure the "flight of fantasies" in the INFORMALS of INGINENSE'10..

Rome Mele said...

You guys might want to have a look at the Ignisense blog too. Share your thoughts there as well!


SIIB Blog said...

Oops..that was ... :)

Manoj said...

If I am not mistaken, then we can have some funny race and other events. Like for instance, we can hav a race with participant holding lemon in a spoon in their mouth with varying complexity(actually it calls for good body mind co-ordination). Also,something like partcipant is shown some product and then he has to pick out that product from a lot of nearly same dimension poducts just by touch sense without looking at the product from a pot. It demands very good ability to judge only by using your touch senses. ;) Watta say folks...there are many more which canbe thought of.

Rome Mele said...

Thanks Manoj, for your interest. I hope the ignisense team would certainly take up good ideas that you can come up with to make this year's ignisense a great blast!

Keep visiting... :)