Monday, July 27, 2009


Had to break it - the "maun(mawn or maawn...errh)vrath ofcourse "! Sorry for having not posted anything despite the miniscule spamming contribution of siibblog links promo activities around your mailbox. And we promise to keep you spamming more! :)

On a discerning note, the confusion for the 'Blog's voice' remains aloof - Do we (siib) want it to be a yet another blog that spells out all the mystical Houdini's chants aka the management jargons and remain a formally(pehle aap, pehle aap) speaking blog? Or Do we remain the original 'we' ( pehle MEH always), the shoutbox that doesn't refuses to bring out weirdest of (possibly)enviable business plans ( courtesy: piyuesh modi ) and score others along the nerd-opts-it-out way of life?

On 'How you can contribute to this Blog':
  • Send us Articles , your crazy business plans, your weirdest marketing strategies, the original jargons you came up with(we'll help you patent ) :)
  • Crazy, Beautiful, Ugly(but no P#@$% ), funny, Birthday Bumps moments etc Photus!
  • Any poems ( provided it doesn't make us cry..and preferably in English ), Original Slokas ( if you've any :) )...
  • Your suggestions on how to improve, facelift, this blog!
On 'What we Intend, through this blog':
  • A virtual space to make your voice( joys n woes ) heard in SIIB kutumbakam !

So, Pour in your valuable thoughts and lets kickstart ...

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