Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!

Greetings from the SIIB blogging community!.

We at Symbiosis Institute of International Business have been toying with the idea to create a blog for all those who have been and are a part of the SIIB family! We hope that all the wonderful SIIBians who had once been a part of this great institution rediscover their B-school roots here in this blog.
We, the latest batch to have landed in SIIB, are waiting to be inspired by our great ancestors!!

Hang on, this isnt goin to be some schmaltzy affair soaked with nostalgia. Vignettes of few snapshots from SIIB Hell, few chick-lit stories and romantic escapades in our chic' campus, few MBA bullshitting, gyan baatein, few shameless jargon spitting articles, philosophizing life, and yeah few provocative PR promotions here and there..

Enjoy! Happy reading


piyeush said...

good work dosto..keep the excitement running ...

Shantanu Biswas said...

The Sangrah team would like to be associated with the SIIB blog. The team would like to post case studies on the blog and get responses from juniors as well as seniors for a week and then we would get the responses analyzed by some faculty or Alumni. So we would need the authority to post the cases. Lets c how far it kicks off!! :)

Rome Mele said...

Sounds great! Looking forward to it! :)

Anonymous said...

nice work..dudes!!!

Mohit Mittal said...

hmm...nice initiative.. :D

Piyuesh Modi said...

Recall of Assignment for creative class

" plz use the pictur editing stuffs u hav learned in the class to make a cool pic of ur loved ones and send it to them....u hav to share the compliments with us.. thats ur assigment friends for the class on wenesday , 29 july"

piyuesh modi said...

@ moderator
kindly add the following labels
1. Creative Classes
2. passout batches from 92 to 09
3. Sangrah
4. Leadership Series
5. Anusmriti
6. Agri fest
7. HR fest
and mail the blog address to all the alumni.

Kindly avoid discussion regarding planning of above fest on the blog.

Guest said...

Hi Piyuesh,
Thanks for the inputs. Shall take a note of the points you've shared!

amartya said...

nice work